Friday, December 22, 2006

Meet some of the incredibly smart, witty, and lovely ladies from Fox and Friends!

The Fox News Babes Fan Site has the sexiest screen caps ever of these beautiful women!

Click to enlarge these beauties!!!

Alisyn Camerota!

Lovely Alisyn again!

Kiran Chetry!
Woah, now that skirt is wonderfully short, great legs!

Page Hopkins!
Wow! Showing some pretty legs there!!!

Laurie Dhue!
Beautiful, confident enough to wear an incredibly short dress. I'm a fan for life!!

Alisyn Camerota!
Laughing and kicking up those beautiful legs!

Alisyn's great legs again!
And a flirty lifting of her dress! I'm in love!

E.D. Hill!
E.D. is simply gorgeous in her short black dress and hose!